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Life in an American War Relocation Camp – Panel Discussion at the Upcountry History Museum

On February 19, 1942, following the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, a mandate that required all Americans of Japanese ancestry to enter internment camps.

Join special panelists Catherine Ladnier, Greg Robinson, and Karen Korematsu as they discuss everyday life for Japanese American citizens that were denied their freedom and rights due to their Japanese ancestry.

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Conversations at Noon at Connecticut’s Old State House “HMT Rohna: The Allies’ Big Secret of WWII and its Connecticut Connection”

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Army Heritage Center Foundation presents “Letters Home”

News from home. News from home. Letters were the
lifeline for the servicemen and women during World War II.

Join Mary Owen and Catherine Ladnier as they share the letters received by their mothers from Soldiers serving over there.
Mary Owen’s mother, actress Donna Reed, was America’s sweetheart.
Eva Lee Brown, Catherine’s mother, was the devoted sister of a brave soldier.

Donna and Eva saved their letters. Mary and Catherine discovered their mother’s letters and decided the news from the boys
over there should be shared.

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When readers of the Rochester Times-Union received their Thursday evening, June 14, 1945 editions they and Americans across the nation read news of the greatest single transport disaster during World War II. In the darkness of the night and in bad weather the British troops ship Rohna sank after a 30 minute enemy air attack on November 26, 1943 off the coast of Algeria. Of the 1,981 U.S. Navy personnel aboard 1,015 were lost -including one who called Greenwich, Connecticut home. It would be many years before family members and the public would learn details about the mysterious circumstances of the Rohna disaster. Joining Host Jeffrey Bingham Mead in the 1490 WGCH studios were Greenwich resident and author Catherine Ladnier and John Dolin and Joe Webber of West Haven, Connecticut.

Interview with Catherine Ladnier on WGCH radio.

Apron Strings – A radio play about the HMT Rohna

Performed at the Rohna Reunion on June 2, 2018 in Memphis TN

Video clips from “Love in a Time of War”

Performed at the University of Memphis in Oct. 2010

Apron Strings for the 75th Anniversary Reunion of Rohna Survivors

Sara Smith as Eva Brown


From left to right; Jason Houston as the announcer, Aubrey Parker as Mae, Shawn Dickerson (director) Sara Smith as Eva and Christian Cooter as Bill

The Shawnee Playhouse

Amy Cramer as Eva in Love In Time of War – NEPTA’s 2011 Best Lead Actress in a Drama


Love in Time of War – NEPTA’s 2011 Best Original Production