May 8, 2013
Merci, Yanks was performed at the Scarsdale Club.

Merci, Yanks, first performed to honor the 65th anniversary of VE Day, chronicles the liberation of Europe through letters and period music. The letters, written by Americans soldiers to loved ones back home, tell a story of World War II through the eyes of the ordinary GI Joe as he marches through France and Belgium to Victory. Letters shared with Catherine by old friends and new friends plus letters from Eva. tell another story of life as the War nears its end. One D Day veteran, who was raised in France, writes of his love for the French people. Another Yank writes his wife of the suffering and endurance of the French people while another Joe writes of Belgians kissing them as they liberated their villages. Another Yank writes his wife that he has seen Paris and nothing will be the same. Merci, Yanks commemorates the bond between the American, French and Belgian people. Details of this event will be posted nearer the date.